Why Trust Us

Research and top-notch quality fabric is our strategic asset and the flagship of our business. We provide accurate, supportive and professional customer service making sure our customers needs are met in a timely manner. We are dedicated to the development of customized products plus a wide range of fabrics (800 and more) and fast shipping time (24/48h) which makes us unique from the usual market proposals.

Our strengths

Autiero S.p.A. is not limited to textiles production, import and distribution: our company is now an international and reliable point of reference for “Converters”, who always appreciate the attentive service offered, a service always made-to-measure up to the most ambitious expectations about product quality and result.

The research on yarn

Every fabric development starts from a careful research on raw materials. Corporate insiders periodically meet farmers and partner producers to recognize first-hand the various fibres and yarns to buy and use for new items production. The detailed study of particular yarns often is an added value in the creation of new fabrics.


Once the raw material has been selected and purchased the Company starts the yarn manufacturing process; after  Autiero S.p.A. selects and chooses the looms according to the fabric construction. Before large-scale production the company runs few test to the pre-production sample (bleaching, printing, dyeing etc.) to make sure that the fabric is top-notch quality for further processing.

Quality control

The first quality control is made immediately after the weaving process. The loom-state fabric (greige material) is carefully inspected for two main reasons:

  • Detect and prevent the weaving defects for future productions
  • Identify and eliminate the defects which is easy to remove

The second quality control is made after the degumming process, the Company selects only the best fabrics better suited for the European market, leaving B-grade quality for other markets.


Only when the fabric has successfully passed all quality tests the Company starts to import and stock its warehouse in Naples. Today we own a large warehouse, with more than 800 different types of fabric and more than 3.000.000 meters to immediately satisfy customers requests.


Periodically agents visit the customers to present the new fabrics in the collections and receive an enthusiastic interest in the new proposals. It is very important for us to establish direct contact and provide attention to our customers. With this being said we satisfy our existing clients by providing new input and new ideas for research and innovation.

Info & business contacts

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